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Type of Travels we can design & offer

1. We offer tailor made travel for couples, friends, families with children and honeymooners, from round travels, photo journeys, scuba diving, gap years, beach holidays, horseback rides, mountain climbing and adventure treks (see: tailor made travel)

2. Tailor made group travel for small groups and organizations in Latin America (see: tailor made travel)

3. Vivencial Group Travel - Traveling a different way throughout Latin America (see: Specials and click through to sample itineries)

4. Personal Travel Guide Services & Travel Coaching in Latin America (see: Guide services and Projects)

We can design ideal travel programs that blend nature, adventure, comfort & culture

Soultime travel programs are original and inspiring and nourish the heart and mind.

We offer programs in which you can enjoy inspiration and tranquility within nature. We also offer programs where you can meet people and share their way of life. These provide insightful moments in a new setting sharing a glance, a smile, dance, game or conversation. These unforgetable moments are potentially life altering experiences.

Through our travel programs you are not only able to enjoy experiences new places, people and cultures but are also able to broaden your perspective on life and your own role on the planet and the best thing it requires little from you. We take care of organizing everything be your travel program for a group or an individual.

When you travel, much of the success of your program is in your own hands ever  striving to enjoy all the opportunities available. To assist you in getting the most from your travel we are always happy to arrange a private guide to assist you for part or all of your journey.

Baking Empanadas, Valle de Cafayate, Salta, NW Argentina

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Soultime Travel tailor-made travels in latinamerica and the caribbean
Soultime Travel tailor-made travels in latinamerica and the caribbean