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Soultime Vivencial Group Travel with an emphasis on Travel
and Being

There is an art to discovering how to let go and better enjoy life. When we do so, the world changes.  Our perception of self, time and space are altered. Imagine integrating this experience with the fun of travel?  Vivencial Group Travels was created with this in mind. 

To enhance this process, your Soultime Travel guide has several years of experience working with groups and individuals assisting with travel programs, tutoring on a variety of subjects, as well as coaching and facilitating personal growth workshops.

Your guide has extensive travel and guidance experience, speaks fluent both Spanish and English, an University degree as well as extensive experience with the healing arts. Your guide works and lives in Latin America and enjoys sharing the knowledge of Latin America's nature, culture, and rich history.

We like to travel and enjoy all the while experiencing the great variety of Latin America. First and foremost we offer a playful way of traveling with a personal touch.

Contact us and feel free to ask your questions.

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Soultime Travel tailor-made travels in latinamerica and the caribbean
Soultime Travel tailor-made travels in latinamerica and the caribbean