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All excursions and trekkings are guided by local guides with ecological knowledge and organized by local organizations, which are taking care of the environment with ecological awareness. Your investment returns therefore directly back in local society and you have the possibility to learn from the local culture and even to practice your spanish. Transport is always with local bus, and accommodations are usually (of course this also depends on your wishes), small scale, beautiful in ambiance and contributing to the local economic development. On your itinerary you may stay overnight several times in small indigenous communities with which you directly support the development of local communities.

By making use of nature excursions during your travel on Peru, you stimulate the people to continue with taking care of their natural reserves. The Peruvian people are very aware that it is important to take care of their beautiful nature, as it is one of the main attractions for tourists, and tourism is an important income. This journey to South Peru is a cross cultural travel in which you can create a mutual benefit by acquiring locally produced goods & inspiring people by showing your interest in their traditional made handicrafts.

You can compensate the CO2 emmisions of your flights with ClimateCare, GreenSeat, or more cost and travel effective solutions. (Interested? Contact us for more information).

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Collecting wood & being carried, Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley
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